Warmly welcome to a webinar with Dr. Elin Kelsey, Dr. Panu Pihkala and many other speakers.
Facilitated by Dr. Kirsti M. Jylhä and Fulbright scholar Isabel Coppola.

Bad news is everywhere: wars, natural disasters, ecological crises. How can one practice responsibility while maintaining health, motivation, and functioning?

In this webinar, experts from several disciplines discuss the need for self-care and social support especially in relation to ecological issues. The general topic is very relevant also in relation to the war in Ukraine and general ways to cope with bad news. The webinar continues the interchange between Elin Kelsey, Ph.D., and Finnish researchers and professionals. The event is organized by ILVIES, an environmental communication organization in Finland (see this link for further details), and related to Kelsey's Lauttasaari Residency funded by the Kone Foundation.

14.30 Helsinki time (12.30 UK): The event starts in Zoom (see the link below, registration required)

Keynote by Panu Pihkala:
The importance of self-care in anxious times: Vicarious trauma, emotional inflammation, and other challenges

Pihkala is a noted eco-anxiety researcher at the University of Helsinki. His publications include a research article about vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress related to ecological issues.

Keynote by Elin Kelsey:
Broken, beautiful or both? The Wounded Angel and Climate Change

Kelsey is an internationally known author, communicator and educator, who is currently visiting Finland. Her publications include a research article about the importance of self-care for environmental professionals.

During the event, a checklist of self-care will be co-developed. 

Shorter speeches and comments:
Johanna Kallio, Tampere University, ENACT research project on self-cultivation
Taneli Saari, Tunne ry and National eco-anxiety project in Finland for social and health sectors
Anette Mansikka-aho, Tampere University, Trauma-informed Education research
Q & A
16.00 Session ends

The webinar will be recorded.

Deadline Monday 14th at 12.00 Helsinki time (10 AM UK time)

Further information

Contact information

Zoom link 
Topic: Alarming news, ecological issues, and self-care
Time: Mar 14, 2022 02:30 PM Helsinki
Meeting ID: 682 6036 5217
(Passcode will be sent by email to the registered persons.)

Information about various speakers
In Tampere University, the ENACT project (led by prof. Antti Saari) studies self-cultivation among environmental activists and art-based methods of coping, and doctoral researcher Johanna Kallio will tell of the project.

Doctoral researcher Anette Mansikka-aho researches ways to deal with potentially traumatic information in education.

In Finland, there is a national project which develops social and health sector responses to eco-anxiety (www.ymparistoahdistus.fi), and Mr. Taneli Saari from Tunne ry (an NGO specializing in eco-emotions) will briefly introduce the project.

Links to recordings of the previous webinars with Kelsey and Finnish scholars

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